Monday, November 11, 2013

And finally!!!!

Last, but not least, I wanted to share the cover for the follow up to Chaotic, Twisted Bliss. Its currently my WIP, and I love, love, love getting back into Della's head. She can be such a you-know-what sometimes, but she's softened up a little bit over the past year, too. I am absolutely in mad love with this cover!

Plus, I'll give you just a teensy, tiny little teaser! It's definitely a mean one, though, so don't hate me!

“Oh my God, Nash. Please.” I groaned, squeezing my eyes tightly shut. I just needed it to stop. Now.
He grunted loudly, and I felt his arm brush against my stomach when he finally moved. “Della,” he stated hoarsely in a calm tone. Of course, he could be calm, when I felt like punching someone in the face. That was just Nash. “Quit you’re bitching.”

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